Sweet little nothings & Da lata – Pra manha

Inspired by my sweet Ex-roommate, I accept the challenge and will try once again to sum up those little nothings that make me happy.

A song I just discovered and instantly fall in love with. The song which I will most certainly listen to not-stop for a month or two, till everybody around me gets totally sick of it and forces me to stop listening to it..;)

Chocolate. Or ice-cream, chocolate one of course ;P

When I write random thoughts while listening to favorite for the moment music.

Laying in bed under the warm sheets when I had just opened my eyes for just a little bit more .. 🙂

Staring at the sea,

Walking on the beach,

Laying on hot sand..

Swimming under water…

Basically, the whole combination of Sea&Sand&Sun.

These deep (or sometimes funny) talks right before bed with close friends.

Girl Talks with the closest friends, while drinking coffee (preferably Turkish one ;)).

Taking photos of opposite, even contradictory things … Ugly&Beautiful, Young&Old , Poor&Rich etc.

That’s what I can think of right now.. My turn to dare… Esenti, Crosses and Angela are the lucky ones ;).

Vem manhã, traz manhã
Pra manhã, bem de manhã

Escute pequeninha
Brincando nas sombras
Quando vocè chegar
No ceu o brilho manda
Prometendo um sol
Cada vez que canta

Vem manhã, traz manhã
Pra manhã, bem de manhã

O que guarda o futuro
Desafia a mente
E o destino revela
Um fascinio ardente
Como um rio que leva
muda com a corrente

Vem manhã, traz manhã
Pra manhã, bem de manhã

  1. Plus:

    Taking incredibly stupid pictures of your sweet ex roommate and laughing at them every time you see them :)))

    And about the Turkish coffee- we listen, SHE talks 😉

    • DiA
    • July 31st, 2009

    But we do a hell of a talking to convince her… 😉
    And the stupid photos – absolutely, but my total favorite is Funny Videos of the same person ;)))

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