Alexi Murdoch – Towards The Sun

Another song from the latest episode of One Tree Hill..

… the movie that I couldn’t stop watching during cold winter nights in Varna (especially if exams were near).

… the movie whose soundtrack I can always have the mood to listen to..

… the movie with real, complicated relationships in..

… a movie where you can feel every heartbeat, every trill, every fear, every loss, every hope and every dream..

… the movie whose episodes I am still impatiently waiting for..

… A movie that makes a difference and leaves a mark..

One Tree Hill.

See the clouds are creeping towards the sun
I’m drifting away unseen by anyone
The light is turning gray, the day is done

The water is cold and heavy on my mind
I dreamed of walking with you but I fell behind
Looking for a rose I could not find

Now the ice is stirring and spring is near
There is no one calling but the sound is clear
Though I’m not yet gone, I’m still not here

  1. Ти май си в творчески вихър тези дни 🙂

    • DiA
    • February 25th, 2010

    От филма е… 🙂 Сега си слушам само музика от сезоните.. 🙂

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