My Lucky Number 7 [EN]

After being dared by my favorite Morko in a post of his, I decided to prove once again that I have an excellent music taste.

I will do that by creating a special list putting a lot of efforts and a spoon of good memories in its creation. An extraordinary and precious list containing the seven albums I would take on a desert island with me

it is important to keep in mind that you should not just include your favorites for the moment, but music that has passed the test of time and that you could listen to for at least another 10 years…

Now that is what I call a ‘tough job‘.. so many great artists, albums and song.. How the hell can I restrict myself to only 7 albums?! Only if they were albums which I created myself during the years, playlists from my MP3-Player or some total favorites for life… But No, rules are rules, have to be followed..

It was still a great pleasure and even an honor to select My Lucky Number 7.. I made that choice rather quickly, without having second thoughts or reconsidering my choice. Who knows, that may lead to some corrections in time..:)

(That was what I wrote more than 2 years ago, but now when I decided to translate the article, I still feel the same way, just can add some extra albums like most by Coldplay, Greg Laswell etc., but definitely cannot remove anyone of those stated beneath…;))

So here they are – My Top 7 Albums, which I would take with me on a desert island, my 7 little music treasures:

1) Madonna – Ray of light


All the best by Madonna gathered in one – this is what this album represents for me.. I cannot chose one single song that I favorite the most.. Ray of Light, Nothing Really Matters, The Power of Good-bye, Drowned world (Substitute for love), Frozen, Candy Perfumed girl, Little star, Mer Girl…. simply Madonna ..

2) Ace of base – The Bridge


Ever since I was a short, skinny, approximately 10-years-old girl, I was singing their song all the time in my room, knowing by heart every single one from this album. I had and played that tape millions of times, with and without any special reason. I was so obsessed, that I put a poster of the album cover on my door… I was so crazy about them.. 😉

  1. Beautiful Life
  2. Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry
  3. Lucky Love (Original Version)
  4. Edge of Heaven
  5. Strange Ways
  6. Ravine
  7. Perfect World
  8. Angel Eyes
  9. Whispers In Blindness
  10. My Déjà Vu
  11. You and I
  12. Wave Wet Sand
  13. Que Sera
  14. Just ‘N’ Image
  15. Lucky Love (Acoustic Version)”
  16. Experience Pearls
  17. Blooming 18

3) Chicane – Behind the Sun

When I was younger, back at the time when I still didn’t have my favorite MP3-Player (which I feel naked without right now), I was playing Chicane on my stereo and was falling asleep under the sounds of Offshore and Saltwater now those were some sweet dreams :))


4) Madonna – Music

A little more different sound by Madonna. My favorites are What it feels like for a girl, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie, Music and Don’t tell Me.


5) City of Angels OST

I downloaded the soundtrack of the ‘City of Angels’ movie after watching it for dozen times and they all immediately became unbreakable part of my MP3-Player and of my Total Favorites for Life Folder… Those are Alanis Morisette – Uninvited, Goo Goo Dolls – Iris, U2 – If God Will Send His Angels, Sarah McLachlan – Angel, Paula Cole – Feelin’ Love. I also have to mention Gabriel Yared, who has 4 unforgettable tracks in it…


6) Cafe del Mar Vol.5 (1998)

I was hesitating between few volumes of Cafe del mar, but Vol.5 from ’98 is definitely outstanding among all with its obvious uniqueness and different sound. Attention deserve most tracks like Mumbai Theme Tune, More Than Ever People, Appreciation (Radio Mix), Tout Est Bleu (Original Ame Strong S.A. Remix), Talking With Myself ’98 (Canny Remix) !!! and most of all Close Cover by Wim Mertens!

Simply Inspiring!


7) Enigma – Love Sensuality Devotion – Greatest Hits

Last but not least, this album by my favorite Enigma I will leave without a comment, because I had already said what it means to me in another article (only in BG unfortunately).



  2. You have done it once more. Great writing!

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