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Tiesto in Bulgaria -> The Experience

I publish this article a bit latter, bearing in mind the party was on August 2nd. However, almost two weeks latter, I can still say, with no doubt, that this was the greatest party I have ever been on.

Tiesto totally rocked the house.He was more than amazing. He was just… Wow!

Only 15 min late, he pleased us with his presence and his sound for more than 4h 30min.

It was a transcendent experience which everybody who likes Trance or/and Tiesto should see and hear at least once in his life.

On the way to the party I was walking with this big smile, jumping around and screaming from time to time: “I am going to Tiesto’s Party!! Finally! :)”

As a girl latter on called me -> Crazy Fan (Луда фенка 😉). I was simply in euphoria… all night long.:)

A week earlier I was on Pete Tong’s Party but I can barely compare both parties. The crowd in front of Cacao Beach was almost missing on Pete’s party.

Totally the opposite, on Tiesto’s party I couldn’t see the end of it. On unverified information, the ticket pre-sales were around 10 000… Enough with comparison.

People from all over Bulgaria and the world have come especially for Tiesto.

Those crazy fans (like me) didn’t move an inch from the sand in front of the stage the whole night. I was the same – wouldn’t miss a moment for anything..

All the crowd was dancing all night, enjoying every second of it, copying all Tiesto’s moves, flaps, hands up, palms in the shape of doves or hearts or something else.

We were mad, crazy, euphoric, enthusiastic, full with energy all night and morning, despite the huge crowd, despite the killing pain in the back, in the neck and in the hands [Did I mention I made 32 videoclips?!]

In the end, 4 hours and 30 minutes latter, after the sunrise, Tiesto threw his headphones in the crowd as usual, wave for the very last time, made many people cry, smiled and left.

He was unique. Awsome DJ. Incredible presence on the stagesmiling all the time, dancing along with the fans, making everybody go crazy with a single move, clap or shaking of hands.

He simply has his own unique way to make the crowd explode with the sound.

I have seen it, now I felt it!

Another thing I also loved about this party was that there were many vocals, different styles, no ding-dong, there was everything for everyone (at least for every Trance Fan..)

Most of us (the loyal fans 🙂) were on the sand, where we could see and enjoy even more this amazing experience, though we couldn’t dance much just because there was no space at all.

Shorter people (like me) could barely see the pult and Tiesto himself because of all those hands, cameras, phones, flags, bottles and whatever you can imagine in the air…

Many guys were totally drunk, some high, others just euphoric like me. But we all had a wild party mainly because of Tiesto’s unique presence on stage.

He was constantly waving hands, giving us signs, smiling, having fun, jumping, dancing, enjoying himself the best moments of the set and in this way making us Like (Love?!) him even more.

What a guyWhat a DJ

Can’t wait to see him again somewhere someday..:)

In the end it is time for my traditional song

Tiesto – In the Dark

When it seems
Like the world around you’s breaking
And it feels
Like there’s no one else around you
And it’s quiet
There’s a silence in the darkness
And it sounds
Like the carnival is over

As you walk
In the crowded empty spaces
And you stare
At the emptiness around you

You wanna go
To the city and the bright lights
Get away
From the sinners that surround you

Cause I will be there
And you will be there
We’ll find each other in the dark
And you will see
And I’ll see you too
Cause we’ll be together in the dark

Cause if it’s coming for you
Then it’s coming for me
Cause I will be there
Cause we need each other in the dark
And if it terrifies you
Then it terrifies me
Cause I will be there
So we’ve got each other in the dark

As I look into the sky
There’s sparks bright as ice
You want me to take you over there
I want you to stay with me
Cuz you’re not the only one
The only one

No, no
Don’t worry
You’re not the only one

Cause if it’s coming for you
Then it’s coming for me
But I will be there
Cuz we need each other in the dark
And if it’s panicking you
Then it’s panicking me
But I will be there
So we’ve got each other in the dark

In the dark
In the dark
We’ll need each other in the dark

In the dark
In the dark
We’ll hold each other in the dark

Now we’re saved together in the dark

Cause we’ve got each other in the dark